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as requested on facebook: a tale of craigslist missed connections

which actually worked out for me!

Backstory: Remember A, the cute gawky redhead at Velvet who wanted to play with me but had a scarily possessive date? And how we were supposed to swap contact details but never managed to? Well I posted callouts for her on Facebook and Fetlife but didn’t get anywhere, and I couldn’t seem to find people who knew her. So on a whim I wrote a post om CLMC describing her and asking her to email me if she reads this. I didn’t think it’d work - it’s too random and vague and who knows if she was still interested.

She replied the next day!

She remembered my name (though was a bit dubious on the spelling), remembered my prop, remembered the plan to swap contact details. I happened to be sick that week (bah) so any shenanigans would have to wait, but we made plans to meet up at Up Your Alley (a mini Folsom Street Fair, a kink street festival) a coming weekend.

(I have this odd feeling that we probably ran into each other earlier than that but I don’t remember)

So we did! We checked out UYA earlier in the day, catching up with people we’ve met elsewhere and playing around with rabbit-fur floggers & mitts (AHHHH SO SOFT I WISH I COULD BRING THEM TO AUSLAND) and looking at all the half-naked men in the crowd.

We nuzzled up in a corner and, after some cute affectionate hair-caressing and sweet talk, moved on from Velvet’s kisses to fuller-on making out. Now here’s the thing with UYA:

Half-naked or naked men walking around with their dicks out, maybe making out or playing Naked Twister or flogging or whatever: Meh.
Two fully-clothed chicks making out: BOOM! CAMERAS!

Well I caught one off the corner of my eye anyway but was too slow to respond. So if you see a photo of a redhead and a brown girl lip-locked at Dore Alley…well you know who we are now.

Sadly, for a kink festival, there didn’t seem to be a spot where we could hide and keep going (without worrying about cameras; I think no one would have minded if we had sex right there in the middle of the street!), none that I was aware off anyhow. A had a kite festival to go to, so I basically invited myself over to her place, which she agreed to, so long as we were both still OK with it after a while.

We walked over to the train station to drop her off, hand-holding and kissing and nuzzling the whole time, looking and feeling like new lovers. How very exciting - and for longer than a day, even, with potential for more! It took a LONG time to finally let A go and catch her train…not that she seemed to be in any particular hurry.

Well it turned out that we both ended up napping afterwards and by the time we got back from the day it was too late to make it over or do anything. But we did manage to catch up again the next day for a project at the Center for Sex and Culture - again with the kissing and nuzzling and caressing. Ha, it’s been a while since I’d been able to do that with someone new that didn’t end up being just a one-night (or one-day) stand.

I had an appointment at her side of the Bay so I went there earlier in the day to explore. It’s pretty sleepy and quiet, not much to do for more than a few hours, and I became rather bummed out by some personal drama earlier in the day so ended up drifting rather than really taking anything in. I did manage to drop in to Feelmore510, a gorgeous adult gallery/sex shop with a friendly and passionate manager (Nenna), and got some supplies for a possible future encounter - after all, A and I were going to meet up later that night, and I could really use a cuddle by that point.

I was looking forward to meeting A later that evening after my appointment, but there was a mixup over the venue, and I was half-seething half-praying to God to at least have some mercy on me, I’ve already had enough for a bad day. So instead of a poetry slam (who already had my entry fee, ha) I got back on the train to town - to a rope munch.
And found A shyly in the corner, watching her “sparkly unicorn” friends (such an awesome troupe) getting all tied up.

The nuzzling, kissing, and cuddling didn’t take too long to start up again.
(Seriously. The cute could kill you.)

This time I suggested I bring her home, since it was getting late and we were just a few blocks away from where I stayed. I made a promise to one of A’s sparkly unicorn friends (who had given her a ride) to take good care of her, bought both of us dinner, and examined a table with the Map of Human Sexuality on it.

That was plenty of motivation to head back to the warehouse and do our own mapping.
After watching the tango classes downstairs, we ambled back to my (messy, tiny) room, for a bit of our own tango.

A is a private person, and our lovely finally-realised climax to what started at Velvet had a soft, slow, quiet, intimate quality, peppered with lots of meows and nose-beeps and Internet fangirling. So I’ll keep specific details on the down low.
But there was quite a puddle on the bed later (no glitter this time, unfortunately), and the Feelmore510 purchases were put to good use.

I’ll miss her when I have to go. She’s only just moved to town and it’s always just when things are getting really exciting that it is about to end. (hey, just like sex, woo.)
But I hope there’s more soft sweet nuzzling, kissing, meows. Take them in when we can.